Meet the Dolls 11-12

Becca Ana

Becca Ana Rubin

Age: 12

Birthday: My birthday is November 21st.

Nickname: Ana. Eventually Kathleen is going to adopt my cousin Rebekah, and so I go by my middle name more because Rebekah refuses to go by her middle name (which, by the way, is Faith). Kathleen also calls me the “mama-child”  because I’m “honest, dependable, and the most mature out of all the crazy gals around here.” I’m taking that as a compliment. 😀

Date Adopted: I was adopted in January/February-ish, 2010.

Type of doll: MYAG #23 (exact year unknown)

Likes: I’m a prize winner Irish Dancer from the Ethnea School of Irish Dance, and will be going to my first ever Regionals/Oireachteas this year. I also like art, sewing, and gymnastics, and you can often find me curled up in some nook or cranny with a book.

Pet Peeves: Fashion crazy girls, basketball, doing laundry, and gloves.

Best Friends: Out of all the girls here, I get along best with Emily and Bella. It’s hard being the oldest. There are so many girls here who are much younger than me, and have their heads up in the clouds all the time (Hailey, Alejandra, and Ruthie) which is kind of annoying since I’m so down-to-Earth about everything. Anyways, I really miss my cousin Rebekah. I’ve also talked a few times with some girls Kathleen is going to adopt (Maia and Annika) and they’re really sweet. I like them quite a bit.

Favorite Colors: Red, gold, white, and dark green. They are so elegant!

Favorite Food: Strawberry sorbet with hallah and hamantaschen (Jewish bread and cookies)! Yum yum!

Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix/ Prisoner of Azkaban. I love Hermione! I might be her for Halloween this year.

Favorite Movie: Frozen! and the movie Jig. It’s by Sue Bourne.

School Attending: I’m homeschooled

Personality: I’m very shy and quiet. I love giving gifts and serving the poor, though I’m not very good at asking people to help me. I’m extremely down-to-earth. I’m also very honest and love going to the synagogue every Sunday. I can get annoyed easily, and I get very impatient. How Rebekah put up with me when I first came, I wonder.

Religion: Jewish

Time Period: 1916

Fun Fact:  My first name is Becca because originally when Mom adopted me, there was some confusion with some papers and they thought I was my cousin, Rebekah, so I got called Rebekah till Mom finally found out that Rebekah favors her mother more and has hazel eyes and a different face shape than me, because I’m her cousin on her dad’s side. Also, I’m the only one in the family who calls Rebekah by her Jewish name, Rebekah, which is what her family called her, and not Rebecca, which is how pretty much everyone here spells her name.

How she came: I was received as a present from a family friend, whose girls decided to give us two of their dolls, Emily and I. Mom thinks I’m a Nicki, but she’s not entirely sure.

Bella Rose2

Isabella Rose French

 Age: 12

Birthday: January 7th

Nickname: Bells, Bella Rose, Isa (Izz-a), Bella. I go by Bella/Bella Rose the most.

Date Adopted: December 25th, 2014 (Christmas)

Type of Doll: Our Generation Kaylee (2014)

Likes: I LOVE designing new clothes and giving fashion advice to my sisters. I’m also the one who most enjoys sewing, crafts, painting, and DIY out of the house. I play viola.

Pet Peeves: Unflattering clothes, Big-orange-flowery patterned shirt with big-purple-swirls patterned skirts, etc.

Best Friends: Ana is really sweet. She’s definitely my closest friend here. I also get along well with Sydney.

Favorite Colors: Pink, gold, silver, and black. Black and white just go with EVERYTHING! Gold and silver are such classic, sophisticated colors.

Favorite Food: Le beurre d’arachide gelée de sable wich (Note from Katelyn: Isabella makes everything French. This just means “Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich”)

Favorite Book: Hmmm, I’m not a huge book reader, but I definitely love Little Woman. Though how they can wear those clothes, I don’t know….

Favorite Movie: Goodness! Kathleen sure likes hard questions! Well, I really love the outfits in the movie Ballet Shoes, plus EMMA WATSON! Kathleen and I are both huge fans of her. 😀

School: I go to Elizabeth L. Smythwork’s School for Girls. I learn French there!

Personality: It always annoys me when people say that fashionistas are all flirty, mean, annoying, and not very smart. Just for the record, I got a 98 on my end-of-year exams last year. Anyways, I can be a little sassy, but overall I’m pretty good natured, and not at all your typical fashionista. Kathleen says I’m “sweet yet spunky”.

Religion: Non-denom Christian

Time Period: Current

Fun Fact: I’m French, Hispanic, Pakistani, and African American! Also, I’m in the city-wide junior orchestra for my viola-playing.

How she came: Christmas 2014 😀



Ruth Ann Smithens

Age: 11

Birthday: August 22nd

Nickname: Ruthie! Most of my friends and my family call me this. When Ana gets annoyed with me, she’ll call me “Ruthie-Smuthie” which I take as a compliment because it sounds like “smoothie”.

Date Adopted: I got on the truck to go to my family on May 21st and arrived on May 29th, 2014

Type of Doll: AG Historical Ruthie (retired, 2014)

Likes: Ballet, butterflies, Legos, writing about fairy tale stuff, occasionally sewing

Pet Peeves: Massages, spiders, lions, saws, shots, pokes, blood tests, rats

Best Friends: My best friend who isn’t here is definitely Kit. Out of everyone here, Sydney is my favorite. She’s my cousin. 😀 I also like Kit’s cousin, Hally, a lot, and Alejandra and one of Kit’s other cousins, Katelyn.

Favorite Colors: Purple, magenta, pink, and all things sparkly. Even though that isn’t a color.

Favorite Food: Chocolate Lava Cake

Favorite Book: The Yellow Fairy Book!

Favorite Movie: Frozen!

School Attending: I go to the Elizabeth L Smythwork’s School for Girls. I’m in the same grade as Hally and Emily, but Hally is in the advanced classes, so we only see her at lunch and such. Emily is in my homeroom, though!

Personality: Loyal, shy when I first meet you, bubbly, sweet, cute, kind, smart, a girly girl, fun-loving, head in the clouds. I’m not at all down-to-earth, but what’s life without a bit of imagination?

Time Period: 1936

Fun Fact: I always have to eat a boiled egg before a big performance or dance competition or I don’t do well. (Piper says: That’s not scientifically proven. Just because it happened once does not mean it is. Once is not majority. Ruthie says: It is too!)

How she came: Kathleen and Claire bought me with saved up money when it was announced that I would be retired.


Emily Jane Bennet (Picture coming soon)

Age: 11 3/4
Birthday: September 29th
Nickname: I don’t really have any. I mean, Piper occasionally calls me “Em”, or “Proper Old Em”, but that’s it.
Date Adopted: January/ February-ish 2010, at the same time as Becca Ana.

Type of Doll: AG Historical Emily (retired, unknown year)
Likes: Tap, and I recently started up ballet and Irish Dance. I also love reading books published after my time, about my time! And, of course, the two English princesses. I also currently have three dolls in my doll collection.
Pet Peeves: Anyone playing recorder, but especially me. And basically any kind of instrument you blow air into. I also hate cleaning up after our dogs, Honey, Grace, Cupcake, and Coconut, and our horses, of which we have 4. I hate cleaning my room, people who butt into conversations, eavesdrop, and always get their way.

Best Friend: Piper! Becca Ana is also really nice. I get along well with Hally, Ruthie, and Katelyn, too.
Favorite Colors: Red, white, and blue! (I’m British.)  Pale yellow and pale pink are close seconds.

Favorite Foods: Anything I cooked in my “Victory Garden”

Favorite Book: Black Beauty, Pollyanna, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Clarice Bean
Favorite Movie: Brave, Tangled, Frozen

School Attending: ELS’s SfG.
Personality: Sweet, but very, very quiet. I can occasionally be a bit bossy, though. I’m a lot like Becca Ana in some ways. That might be why we get along so well.

Religion: Catholic
Time Period: 1940.
Fun Fact:  I’m very scared of dogs that aren’t my family’s. I love to spend time in my room, under my loft bed, because I have lots of glittery blue and turquoise fabric hanging down, so it constantly looks like the river.

How she came: I was adopted from England to another house, then moved from there to here with Becca Ana.


Sydney Marie Gebhart (picture coming soon) 

Age: 11
Birthday: August 20th
Nickname: Sydney, Syd, Syd the Science Kid (Arrgh! I hate this one!)
Date Adopted: July 22nd, 2012

Type of Doll: OG Sydney Lee (2nd edition, retired, 2013)
Likes: Ballet! I also do tap, Irish dance, jazz, and lyrical.
Pet Peeves: I hate spiders! And also spider webs, spider eggs, dead bugs, bugs in general, and I also don’t like April Fools day because once Rubye put a cup full of water on top of the door and so when I came in my room, I got drenched with water!

Best Friends: Ruthie, for sure. I also hang out with Katelyn a lot.
Favorite Color: Purple and blue and pink! I also think magenta is pretty.
Favorite Food: Chocolate cake with strawberry ice cream!
Favorite Book: Ballet Shoes, Theater Shoes, Skating Shoes, Dancing Shoes, Party Shoes, etc. Basically the whole shoes series by Noel Streatfeild.
Favorite Movie: First Position!

School: I go to the Anna Hart School of the Arts. I take 2-4 hours of dance a day, plus 3 hours of schoolwork and two hours of homework.
Personality: I’m very talkative and bubbly, and a real extravert! I love people!
Time Period: 1936
Fun Fact: Ruthie and I are cousins!

How she came: I was a late b-day present for Claire.


Tipi profile pic

 Tipi Lorelei Lai

Age: 11

Birthday: May 8th

Nickname: None

Date Adopted: March 28th, 2015

Type of Doll: Hearts for Hearts Tipi

Likes: Writing, swimming, acting, puppet making, writing poetry, singing, dance. I enjoy doing NaNoWriMo every November and Camp NaNo in April and July.

Pet Peeves: Bad governments and racism are really annoying to me, probably because I’ve grown up in a culture full of those issues.

Best Friends: Nikita

Favorite Colors: Green, purple

Favorite Food: Hmmm…..I’m not sure

Favorite Book: Inside Out and Back Again by Thanna Li.

Favorite Movie: Again, not sure. I don’t really like to watch many movies.

School Attending: I’m homeschooled

Personality: Quiet, sweet, and shy. I’m so quiet, actually, that sometimes people don’t even remember I’m there, so sometimes when I’m in a group project I don’t get a lot to help with.

Time Period: Current

Religion: Buddhist

Fun Fact: I moved here from Laos! My dad is a puppet maker.

How she came: Kathleen and Claire’s grandparents had me in their city, so they offered to pick me up. They gave me as a “just because gift” The money that was supposed to be for me went to Nyesha!


Audrey Olivia Cruz

Age: 11

Birthday: February 17th

Nickname: Rey (Star Wars is a thing in Kathleen’s family), Dree

Date Adopted: August 9th, 2015

Type of Doll: Our Generation Abrianna (2015)

Likes: Tennis, Soccer, Swimming, Gymnastics, Musical Theatre, Dance, Cooking. I enjoy a lot of things. I’m quite good at a lot of sports.

Pet Peeves: Repetitive noises (i.e. — someone tapping a pencil in a specific pattern), chewing noises.

Best Friends: My sister Nyesha, my cousin Alejandra, Hailey, Rubye.

Favorite Colors: Navy blue and yellow.

Favorite Food: Caesar Salad.

Favorite Books:

Favorite Movie:

School Attending:


Time Period: Current

Fun Fact: I have a twin sister! Plus my other sister, Nyesha, is a year and a half younger than me.

How She Came: Kathleen bought me for Claire with money she had saved up.


More doll profiles are coming soon, so check back often!

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