Meet the Dolls 9-10


Maria Alejandra Lucita de la Castillo

 Age: 10

Birthday: April 16th

Nickname: I just go by Alejandra, not Maria or anything, so I guess that could count as my nickname. Hailey also calls me “All-yay!” (Don’t ask)

Date Adopted: August 24th, 2014

Type of Doll: Our Generation Alejandra (2014)

Likes: Baile Folklorico and cooking are my main “things”! I’m also very arts-and-crafts-y. Ana dragged me to her Irish dance classes a few times, and they’re fun, so I like that, too. I also take ballet and tap.

Pet Peeves: People who try to imitate baile folkloric, and people who act all “higher-and-mightier-than-thou” because being 12  is totally like 10x as mature as 10. (sarcasm)

Best Friends: Hailey, Nyesha, and Rubye, mainly. Hailey is my overall bestie, but Rubye and Nyesha are the other chefs in the family.  Plus, Nyesha is my cousin and we’re the same age.

I also really like my two friends Clarissa and Amie. Amie is part Hispanic and part German, and she goes to my folkloric class, while Clarissa goes to my cooking class.

Favorite Colors: Orange 😀

Favorite Food: I know I’m sounding really stereotypically Hispanic right here, but I love tamales!

Favorite Book: Marisol

Favorite Movie: I don’t know. I’m still waiting for Disney to make a Hispanic princess.

School: I’m homeschooled.

Personality: I’m really similar to some of the other 10 year olds here. I’m outgoing, sweet, and bubbly like Katelyn; loud, slightly obnoxious, and look-on-bright-side like Hailey; but I can also be very quiet.

Religion: Catholic

Time Period:  Current

Fun Fact: I love butterflies. 😀 Also, when I get upset, I tend to start speaking in Spanish unknowingly.

How she came: Kathleen and Claire bought me as a “Just for fun” gift for themselves.


Katelyn profile pic

I’ll change this to a more flattering one soon, I promise

Katelyn Marie Allen

Age: 10
Birthday: June 8th. I was born at 11:49.
Nickname: Kate/Katie. I really like being called Katie Cat though, because my favorite character from my favorite series is called that. But her real name is Kate. And her self-appointed nickname is Kate the Great Weather Machine. So I like all my nicknames.
Date Adopted: December 25th, 2009, a.k.a.- Christmas

Type of Doll: Our Generation doll Katelyn, 1st edition (2009)
Likes: Ice skating is my life! You can often find me at the skating rink or in the dance studio. It’s a lot of fun! Plus, I do some Irish Dance and am a Novice dancer! I will also be going to my first Regionals/Oireachteas this year!
Pet Peeves: Blabbermouths.

Best Friends: Hailey and I are very close! Sydney and I get along well, too. My best friend not in this house, though, is definitely Annie. We both skate at the same skating place.
Favorite Colors: Turquoise/aqua/light blue. I also love purple, white, and silver, especially when all four of my favorites are combined!
Favorite Food: Chocolate!
Favorite Book: Aha! The one you’ve all been waiting for since I said those nicknames! The Mysterious Benedict Society! I’m also a big fan of Skating Shoes. It’s really cool to learn what tests they did then.
Favorite Movie: Frozen/ Nym’s Island

School: I’m in Anna Hart’s School for the Arts competitive program, which means I’m in a competitive sport, and therefore only go there for 3 hours worth of classes, and 1 hour of dance every day. That way, I can fit in 2 hours of skating, plus 2 hours worth of homework in, 5 days a week!
Personality: Sometimes I’m competitive, and that can get in the way when I’m competing against my best friend, Annie, or Becca Ana. But I’m usually pretty sweet (Note from Ana: but very, very bossy). I’m very outgoing, and very bubbly. I love to perform!

Time Period: Current. Why wouldn’t I be? It’s not like anyone can time travel…

Fun Fact:  I’m a triplet with Hailey and Rubye, but I’m a day older! I was born 11 minutes before 12:00, and they were born 4 and 6 minutes after! 😀 So, really, I’m not their triplet. I’m their older sister!

How she came: I was Kathleen and Claire’s first ever 18″ doll! They had been begging for an AG doll for about 2 years, but since they’re so expensive, their mom bought Kathleen me for Christmas, and Claire got two Circo brand Twins that are named Abby and Abigail.


Hailey Katherine Allen

Age: 10
Birthday: June 9th
Nickname: Rubye calls me “hale” after the rock.
Date Adopted:  September 15th, 2010

Type of Doll: OG Hally (1st edition, still available; 2011)
Likes: School, reading, writing, science, chess club, doing all the science fairs I’m in…
Pet Peeves: People being loud when I’m studying, though whenever I’m not studying than I’m super loud, so I can’t exactly complain…

Best Friends: Out of the gals here, definitely one of my triplets (Katelyn) and Alejandra! We’re bestie. 😀 I also go to school with my friend Ellie, and she’s super cool and nice.
Favorite Colors: Purple and pink. They’re my school colors (I go to an all-girls school with a few of my sisters)!
Favorite Food:  Anything Chinese! I love fortune cookies, also, which aren’t actually Chinese! They’re American!
Favorite Book: Ungifted. Kathleen and I are huge fans of it.
Favorite Movie: Despicable Me and Sound of Music (strange combo, I know)

School: I go to the Elizabeth L. Smythwork’s School for Girls, with Emily.
Personality: I’m like Kathleen because we’re both super quiet and attentive in class, but crazy, energetic, slightly obnoxious, and sweet yet spunky. 😀 I  am a straight A student.
Time Period: Current
Fun Fact: Every year, I go to the Lucky Chow restaurant with my best friend Ellie the night before the first day of school. I always get a fortune cookie, and I’m very superstitious, so whatever it says is what I think my fortune for the year is. Also, I’m Katelyn’s triplet. I’m third oldest out of us 3. Also, I normally wear glasses, but Kathleen took this photo before I got them.

How she came: Kathleen and Claire’s mom bought me as a “just for fun” gift. Claire went with their mom to Target to pick out an OG doll, and she chose me!


Rubye profile pic

Rubye Althea Allen

Age: 10
Birthday: June 9th
Nickname: Robyn
Date Adopted: August 15th, 2011

Type of Doll: Our Generation Robyn (retired, 2012)
Likes: Helping the poor and homeless. I also love animals and nature, and am constantly creating petitions and stuff for animal rights! I bake for people in need quite a bit, so you can always see cupcake batter, bread batter, eggs, oil, sausage, and milk on the shopping list. I also like art quite a bit, and I usually sell them to friends and family for a couple bucks each and use the money on helping animals and people in need.
Pet Peeves: When people decide to litter or harm the earth.

Best Friends: My best friend here is Alejandra. Also, I like to garden with Becca Ana, though she always gets annoyed because I’m not the quiet, shy person she is, and tend to run around like nuts when I get outside . I also really like Clarissa, who is in Alejandra and I’s cooking class.
Favorite Colors: I like all colors of the rainbow! God made all of them and they appear throughout every glen and hollow, and make the world beautiful!
Favorite Food: A freshly picked apple or cherry from our garden.
Favorite Book: I don’t really have a favorite. I’m really quite too jumpy to sit down and read properly. If I had to choose, I’d probably choose Robin Hood, except I hate it whenever any of the animals get killed!
Favorite Movie: uuuuuuhhhhhhhh…… Maybe Brave or Frozen because of all the pretty scenery? Actually I am really really really tired of Frozen though.

School Attending: I’m homeschooled. It’s kind of funny, all 3 of us triplets go to a different school.

Personality: I’m really energetic, but I’m also the most mature out of us triplets. I can never go to sleep and have to take special medicine to sleep properly. I’m too excited for our upcoming bake sale when I’m selling lots of things I made to raise money for animal rights, so I can’t type anymore. I’m just too jumpy!

Religion: Non-denom Christian

Time Period: Current
Fun Fact: My favorite animal is a red panda! Also, I’m the 2nd oldest triplet.

How she came: I was bought with saved up birthday money from both Kathleen and Claire.


Malaila Profile Picture

Malaila Anala Yūsufzai

Age: 10

Birthday: October 12th

Nickname: Malai-May (Hailey calls me this)

Date Adopted: Febuary 17th, 2015

Type of Doll: Hearts for Hearts Shola (2013; old style box)

Likes: I’m also big on education and school, like Hailey. I absolutely love learning whatever I can. Also, like Kathleen and her dad, I have the kind of mind that retains anything and everything: weird facts, dates, everything….except multiplication tables. I do love to play with dolls also, and one of my favorite things to do is read. I’m going to do Camp NaNoWriMo this year (the July one). Also, Malala Yousafzai is one of most inspirational people ever. She’s my favorite person on Earth.

Pet Peeves: People who complain about going to school (girls aren’t even allowed to go to school all over the world.)

Best Friends: I’m really good friends with Nikita and Tipi, and I get along well with Ana, also.

Favorite Colors: Pink. Lots of hot pinks for me! 😀

Favorite Food: Well, since I moved here, I’ve been introduced to Oreos. I’m slightly obsessed. 😉

Favorite Book: I Am Malala (Young Readers Version)

Favorite Movie: I’m not quite sure

School Attending: I attend Elizabeth L Smythwork’s. I’m in all the advanced classes with Hailey.

Personality: I’m quiet, shy, and usually pretty calm and sweet. I’m really passionate about my beliefs, so that’s pretty much the only times I’m not shy and quite. 😀 (I have a sign up in my room saying “I’m a lover, not a fighter, but I’ll fight for what I love” which is perfect for me)

Religion: Muslim

Time Period: Current

Fun Fact: I enjoy having a pen pal. She lives in Brazil!

How she came: I’ve been Kathleen’s favorite H4H doll since 2013, because the Toy Fair was right as she was getting back into dolls. She saw a picture of me, and pretty much instantly started begging for me. It took about 2 years, but I’m finally here. Kathleen heard that H4H was being discontinued, so she called all the stores in our city, but she couldn’t find me anywhere. She eventually got me off Amazon for $38, but she didn’t have a problem with paying that much. 😀


Can you tell that I was still getting used to the camera when I took this?

Can you tell that I was still getting used to the camera when I took this?

Rachel Chantal Falasha Zewedu

Age: 9

Birthday: July 21st

Nickname: I don’t have one, really.

Date Adopted: February 21st, 2015

Type of Doll: Hearts for Hearts Rahel

Likes: Ice skating. 😀 I’m still really adjusting to moving here, because people do different things here so it’s kind of cool. I had never seen an ice skater before moving here, and then a few weeks ago Katelyn took me to her practice. It was really cool! I just started my ice skating lessons a few days ago. I also really like to play with my dolls, soccer, musical theatre, and drawing.

Pet Peeves: The whole “African people are all alike and run around half naked and get sick all the time and aren’t very smart. ” I just got an 100% on the 3rd grade placement test at my school, for the record.

Best Friends: I’m good friends with Katelyn, Piper, Nyesha, and Ruthie.

Favorite Colors: Pink or purple

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Favorite Book: The Mysterious Benedict Society. The first day that I got here Katelyn told me to read it, and I read it in a week! That’s really fast for me.

Favorite Movie: Probably Big Hero 6

School Attending: Elizabeth L. Smythwork’s School for Girls. I’m in 3rd grade.

Personality: I’m talkative, positive, and I am always told that I’m really nice. Sometimes I drive the whole house up the wall with my talking. 😀 I’m pretty much the exact opposite of Malaila.

Religion: Ethiopian Christian

Time Period: Current

Fun Fact: I moved here from Ethiopia. My name was Rahel, but when I moved here, I changed it to Rachel. It’s a more common name, so it’s easier for people to spell and pronounce.

How she came: When Kathleen ordered Malaila, she slightly freaked out. Key word: Slightly. She emailed all her friends who had at some point been or still were interested in dolls (so 4-ish) and told them about H4H. The next morning, she checked her email to see an explosion of “KATHLEEN I HAVE RAHEL.” Thanks to the awesome Possumgirl I now live here. 😀 😀 😀 😀



Piper Lucille Pevensie

Age: 10

Birthday: September 18th

Nickname: Pipes, Lucy

Date Adopted: March 1st, 2015

Type of Doll: Hearts for Hearts Dell

Likes: I play the fiddle and guitar, and do clogging. I’m also a big fan of cooking and science. My favorite thing to learn about is the science behind cooking. I.e.- What makes bread rise? What makes this turn into this? etc. My favorite singer is Lindsey Stirling.

Pet Peeves: Little miss goody two shoes. Urgh, sooooooo annoying. Blech.

Best Friends: Emily. We stayed at a house together for a few months in the British countryside.

Favorite Colors: Blue

Favorite Food: Blueberry muffins. Yum!

Favorite Book: Ruby Redfort!

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter

School Attending: homeschooled

Personality: I’m a sassy, spunky, sarcastic, quick-tongued, and speak-before-you-think kinda gal. I definitely have a sweet side, but if I don’t like you……

Religion: Well, my mother is Catholic, and my father is Jewish. I celebrate a bit of both.

Time Period: 1943

Fun Fact: I’m French. My father is a French Jew, and my mother is just plain French. I lived in Toulouse, France in a large house before my parents sent me to catch a boat to the States. I wasn’t able to get on it, so I was sent to the English countryside, where I met Emily. Also, the Pevensie siblings are my cousins on my mom’s side!

How she got here: Kathleen and Claire were on a giant H4H shopping spree! They were trying to find all the dolls they could that they really wanted. They only had $5 when they found me, but they went home and earned all the rest of the money the same day! I got to be opened that night. 😀



Nikita Priyanka Lila Anoushka Perumal 

Age: 10

Birthday: October 23rd

Nickname: Kita

Date Adopted: March 23rd, 2015

Type of Doll: Hearts for Hearts Surjan

Likes: Photography. I’d love to travel the world some day, taking pictures of the poorest places I can find, and to be able to put them in a book and show it to the world. That would be really cool. You know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand words!

Pet Peeves: Greed. Also, when I turned ten, I was sold by my father to the local weaving place. I’m really passionate about illegal child labor.

Best Friends: Tipi, Malaila, and Becca Ana. Tipi the most, though.

Favorite Colors: Blue

Favorite Food: I recently learned about potato chips. They’re now my favorite food!

Favorite Book: I’m not at all sure, honestly. I’m just now learning how to read and write, because I was part of the large illiterate group of people in Nepal.

Favorite Movie:

School Attending: I’m homeschooled

Personality: I’m very similar to Malaila. We’re both shy, quiet, and well-mannered, but we love to fight for what we believe in!

Religion: Hindu

Time Period: Current

Fun Fact: I moved here from Nepal. Also, Kathleen’s mom visited Kathmandu once, and so she has a Nepali saree. Sometimes when she is playing with me, Kathleen will wear it!

How she got here: Kathleen and Claire bought me with some money they had earned from sales from their business.


Nyesha Lakita Cruz

Age: 10

Birthday: July 7th

Nickname: Quiche (don’t ask. Rubye calls me this.)

Date Adopted: April 8th, 2015

Type of Doll: Hearts for Hearts Nyesha

Likes: Jazz, tap, painting, crafting, cooking, musical theatre

Pet Peeves: Spiders and rats. I also don’t like heights.

Best Friends: Alejandra (she’s also my cousin), Alexa, Sydney, Hailey

Favorite Colors: Hot pink, turquoise

Favorite Food: Tamales 🙂

Favorite Book: I love a lot of books.

Favorite Movie: Hmm, I have to think about it a bit more

School Attending: Anna Hart

Personality: I’m spirited and a bit sassy, though I can be very sweet. I’m also a bit competitive.

Time Period: Now

Fun Fact: I’m half Hispanic and half African American! Alejandra is my cousin (Hispanic), and Lauryce and Alexa (Lauryce isn’t here yet) are on my African American side.

How she came: Claire and Kathleen found me on Amazon for $48, which is the cheapest they had ever seen me. They got me with extra birthday money from a long time before.



Padma Nahji 

Age: 10, almost 11

Birthday: January 29th

Nickname: Nahji, Padmè (Kathleen’s family loves Star Wars)

Date Adopted: April 29th, 2015

Type of Doll: Hearts for Hearts Nahji

Likes: Quidditch, doing the other dolls hair, Transfiguration, Potions, Charms, reading

Pet Peeves: The fact that I won’t have a chance to enter the Triwizard Tournament because I’ll be underage (It’ll happen in 2016, 2020, and 2024, and I’ll be graduating in 2022)

Best Friends: I really like Nikita, Tipi, Piper, Rachel, Becca, Katelyn, Sydney, and Ruthie

Favorite Colors: Pink, dark blue

Favorite Food: Hmm……..maybe Cockroach Clusters? They’re quite good.

Favorite Book: Harry Potter

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter

School Attending: On September 1st, I’ll start attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a 1st year

Personality: I’m a mix of my mom and my Aunt Padma. I’m quiet-ish, occasionally logical, rule-following, and a bit of a bookworm, just like my aunt, but I’m also a bit more girly, fashion-conscious, giggly, and sometimes a bit immature like my mom.

Religion: Hindu

Time Period: Current

Fun Fact: I’m the daughter of Parvati Patil, named after her twin sister Padma. I’m from India, as my aunt moved back to India to help find young witches and wizards there. I’m just staying here for the summers, and, since the rules of Hogwarts have changed since the 90s, I come back here every other weekend.

How she came: Claire and Kathleen had only ever once seen me in a local store, in the beginning of 2014. They’d been watching Ebay auctions for weeks, trying to see if they could find me NIB. They finally found me for $50 as an auction, and watched the clock to see if they could get me. Their maximum bid was $52, and there was only one other bidder, who bid once for $50. Hence, they got me for $51. 🙂



Please ignore this one below. 🙂




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